Yes, We Are Open

Dear Patients,
It has warmed our hearts over these last few months, how understanding and gracious our patients have been in difficult times. While our office was limited to seeing only critical emergencies, we answered numerous phone calls from patients with concerns that in normal times, would have compelled us to do everything possible to accommodate them.


What could have been a stressful few months of triaging patients over the phone, was in fact an encouraging and uplifting experience, as every interaction was one of understanding and genuine desire for the greater good of the community. While we have always been proud to serve our fellow Houstonians, we were overwhelmed by the kind responses of our patients, who often asked after the well-being of our team and our families before even explaining the nature of their dental emergency.
We have always educated our patients on the importance of Oral Health; the significant role it plays in the immune system, combating the effects of diabetes, preventing heart disease, and enhancing the quality of life. While we understand the seriousness of what we face as a community, we also understand our role as healthcare providers, and are determined to be there for our patients, as they have been for us.


We would like to thank our patients for the impressive compliance they have shown, adapting to changes as we re-opened and implemented new protocol for their safety and the safety of our staff.


Finally, we would like to thank our team, who have worked together to overcome obstacles regarding childcare and family obligations, made new protocol a habit in a short amount of time, and stepped in where situations have required them to take on duties outside of their normal role. We couldn’t be here for our patients without you.


Yes, we are open. And we are more grateful than ever to see your familiar faces, albeit wearing a mask.




Houstonian Dental

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