Amalgam Replacement

About dental amalgam fillings replacement

Did you know that:

  • The ‘silver’ fillings in your teeth really consist of 50% mercury, with other metals such as tin, zinc, copper and silver making up the balance, or ‘amalgam’ of metals?
  • Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet? – more toxic than arsenic, lead and cadmium
  • All unused, left over dental amalgam is considered toxic waste and has to be specially stored due to the mercury content – yet is considered ‘safe’ by some dentists and professional bodies when placed in your mouth?

Scientific evidence

Over the years scientists have accumulated a formidable body of evidence, establishing that:

  • Amalgam releases significant amounts of mercury over the lifetime of a filling;
  • The mercury distributes to tissues around the body, and is the biggest source of the mercury burden in the body;
  • The mercury from amalgam crosses the placenta and into breast milk, resulting in significant pre- and post-partum exposures for infants; and
  • Adverse physiological changes occur from that exposure on the immune system, kidneys, reproductive organs and brain, as well as the oral and intestinal flora.